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This is what I promised yesterday. The character profiles for my Firefly fanfic. The actual fanfic itself will be up soonish. But for now, read up on the crew of Chunjing: Purity.


Affinity Washburne:
The Captain of Chunjing. She was raised aboard Serenity by Zoe Washburne. Though she takes after Zoe in looks and grit, she takes mostly after Malcolm Reynolds in behavior. Simply put, she acts like a man most of the time. She has no idea how to use her womanly wiles and rarely accepts her assets as anything but one more thing to compare her to her mother. She is entirely loyal to her crew, much like Mal, and puts them before herself or her needs. The only person she uses on a regular basis, and does so without feeling remorse, is Hale.

Affinity has many issues with never having known her father. When she meets people who knew Hoban Washburne when he was alive, she has a tendency to clam up. If someone tries to talk to her about what she knows about her father, she will simply shrug it off and say she did not know the man. But later, when she is alone, she will have a temporary break down about it all. Since Wash was so highly regarded by the crew of Serenity and they all favor his memory, Affinity kicks herself for feeling nothing but a slight fondness for the man who helped create her. Due to feeling guilty over this emptiness she gleans all information she can about him from those who know of his adventures and where he grew up. So at the same time she has a big hero worship for him even while being angry with the universe for taking him before she could meet him. Wash’s death is the main reason she risks her life by hunting reavers.

Along with having major skills in armed combat, Affinity can handle herself in any brawl with heightened reflexes and the ability to get the best on any opponent, regardless of their size. But she also possesses a steely-eyed stare that can make some of her opponents run without trying her patience. Her weapons of choice are a tie between the hogleg her mother gave her (which she calls “Hoban” and talks to on occasion in battle), or a falcon semi auto assault weapon that is nameless.

Hale Tam:
Second-in-command on board Chunjing. He has many skills, including some doctoring and mechanical like his parents. He is also a decent hacker, having skills with computers and other technical engineering.

Hale was born on board Serenity when his parents, Simon Tam and Kaywinnit Lee Frye-Tam, were on the run from the Alliance. But after his seventeenth birthday, Hale’s father inherited his birthright, and therefore inherited the means to a quiet, safe life somewhere planet side. The family decided that accepting the Tam hierarchy would secure them the protection they needed against the divisions of the Alliance that would still arrest them for past offenses. They also decided it was a good idea after Hale and Affinity started to “grapple” with one another, as to prevent a teen pregnancy issue. Or Zoe killing them both. So Simon and Kaylee took Hale, and his still slightly unstable aunt River, to Bellerophon, where the estates are private and the eyes of the Alliance are shadowed.

Hale flourished with life on planet, taking schooling for technical engineering and dabbling in mechanics. He fed off of the privileged life to learn what he could, being avid on learning any and all information that makes its way to him. He also gathered as much as he could on life in the black, being that he planned to return there someday. And sure enough, in his later twenties, Affinity contacted him about starting their own crew.

The relationship between Hale and his Captain is complicated. They seem to have some feeling for one another, but there are things they just cannot stand about each other. Hale doesn’t like that Affinity acts like a man, he is not attracted to it in the slightest, and it puts him off more often then naught. Hale doesn’t know why Affinity gives him such a hard time, but he suspects it is because he grew up with both parents and had advantages that she never would. Regardless of it, they are as tight as if they were sewn together and will spend the rest of their lives as a unit. Their union may not be one of romance, it may not all end in a rush to the alter, but whatever it is it’s solid all the same.

Hale is not much of a fighter. He is fit and can give a good punch when the occasion calls for it, but he relies heavily on weapons, especially since he is part of a crew that hunts reavers. Hale keeps a combat knife and a colt .45 on his person at all times, unless he is sleeping. On special occasions he will take out a single shot grenade slugger for making things go boom. But Shad has more experience with explosives than Hale does.

Gordon Case:
The pilot of Chunjing. Case is ex military. No one knows his story, not even him. Case was drafted at a young age by the Alliance and forced into an area of the military that most men simply don’t have the stomach for. They were training him to be an assassin, harnessing the raw power of his body rather then giving him the aid of a weapon. They were attempting to brain wash him, train him into killing whoever came in his path. Even children. But Case had a will that they did not anticipate, not to mention a weak stomach for the images they played before him. Eventually they demoted him to a pilot of a spacecraft, but not before wiping his memory of ever hearing of the division. Case is ashamed of his time with the Alliance, but has no idea why. He refuses to talk about it, because every time he tries to he gets violently ill and once even attempted to commit suicide to keep the dulled memories out of his head.

Fate brought Case to Affinity and Hale before they even had a ship procured. He was newly discharged from the military and needed a job that would keep him from going haywire planet side. He met Affinity and Hale when they got themselves into a bar fight on Boros. Affinity was holding her own, but Hale was getting a mighty good beating. Without thinking about it, Case jumped in to help them and gave a good twenty men the ass-kicking of their lives before they could blink. Afterwards, Case got so sick to his stomach he passed out. Affinity and Hale took him in and cared for him, nursing him back to health and then offering him a place with them.

Case mainly stays on board Chunjing when they land at a port, partly because he wants to and partly because Affinity orders him to. His darkly handsome looks get him too much attention for what is most times a covert mission. But when the crew has no need to blend in, Case will occasionally join them.

Gordon doesn’t fight. There have been the few times in the past that he defended himself without getting ill, but the fear of making himself sick keeps him from using his unworldly martial arts skills. For this reason he only flies, having a massive skill in that area.

Katherine Blacklott:
Katherine comes from St. Albans and is what Affinity fondly calls, “the heavyweight champion of Chunjing” or "Champ" for short. She is a heavy set girl with aggressively self assertive ways. And yet she also happens to be an angel of mercy, knowing many homeopathic remedies to sooth just about any ache, pain, illness, or injury.

Growing up on St. Albans wasn’t a hardship for Katherine. The moon houses hardy people with a stiff outer lip and an knack for survival. In her home town it snowed almost continually, and that was all Katherine knew. As a third child her chores were many, including chopping wood for the stove, shoveling the icy walk ways up to her family’s cottage home, and catching chickens for supper. When she grew older she learned more about making plants, vegetables and herbs grow in a green house and how to track elk.

Everything Katherine knows she learned from the land. Her family could not afford to send her off to any fancy schooling, and her aspirations for learning more on core planets were dimmed due to her family‘s prejudices against the Alliance.

Eventually Katherine decided that staying in the nest all her life wasn’t her cup of tea. She
had no desire to marry any of the men made available to her, and she was not eager to become a home maker. So, she decided to get work away from home. And that led her to Affinity and Hale. They had a pilot, now they needed more muscle for their intended career. They made no secret that they were looking for people to hunt reavers with them. Katherine found them and went in for an interview. When Affinity asked what her skills were, she dragged a gangly man over to her and threw him across the room into a wall. When he righted himself enough to come after him, she grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth. He walked away with a smile and no fuss, and Affinity hired her on the spot.

Katherine keeps dual pistols on her person through all missions, but has very little brawl skills. The most she can do is toss people into walls, and only one at a time.

Vanya Motts (Russian):
Vanya is another hired gun on Chunjing. Practically born into the business of handling weapons, Vanya is part of a large Russian mob dynasty that started many years ago on earth that was. However just before she and her sisters were born, her parents had decided to end the “family business”. No longer would they be tied with their psychotic uncle, Adelei Niska, and the rest of the ne’er-do-wells in their so called legacy. No, Vanya’s mother, Nadya, wanted nothing more to do with it. So Nadya and her husband, Gosha, took their girls from Ezra and made it to the social, aristocratic circles of Persephone. It was the perfect place for their daughters to have the opportunities needed for their lifestyle change, yet ultimately it also became prime territory for Gosha to make small gambles behind his unknowing wife’s back.

Vanya had doors open to her from almost every category. She flourished well enough in any subject she deemed worthy of her interest. But it was the unorthodox regime of her family’s former career that she was drawn to the most. Convinced that it must be in her blood, Vanya did not fight it. Nadya hated the danger that her youngest daughter was doing to her reputation as a genteel lady of marrying stock and forced her under her heel as often as she could. But none of it ever broke Vanya’s spirit enough to cease her profuse learnings of firearms.

It was when she discovered her father’s secretive mob activities that Vanya grasped the opportunity to get a taste of what she craved. Gosha, afraid of his wife finding out of his inability to make a full change into lord hood, allowed Vanya admittance to his risk taking. There she got a handle on dealings with criminals and the like, making friends in low places. She almost never slept, with schooling and other obligations during the day and then evil doing at night. But she preferred it that way.

Eventually Mother Motts figured out that Vanya was not going to be the kind of girl that she wanted her to be and gave up on her attempts. Instead she did her best to cover up her daughters unsocialzed dealings. If anyone were to ask her today, her daughter is not aboard a ship doing armed combat against reavers. No, she is instead being courted by a wealthy beau who whisked her away to Bernadette. Or was it Osiris? She doesn’t know, she hears from her so little.

Shad Burton:
Don’t let his shyness fool you. Shad Burton is the ship’s demolitions expert, though most people would mistake him for an accountant type. Shad grew up in a small mining town, which is where his love of explosives really came to grow. He barely interacted with anyone other then mine foremen, the better to learn all there was about blasting anything he could get away with. Though his parents did not encourage his interests, at the very least they figured it would lead to career opportunities close to home.

But Shad did not stop there. He went on to gain college degrees in chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering. He never did meet a bomb he could not dismantle or build from near scratch. And even though he has many social and obsessive compulsive issues, Shad ended up leaving home for work elsewhere.

Even though Shad has a fascination for things go boom, he hates guns. Just the sight of one made him go pale. Which is why he constantly averted his gaze from the holsters of the rest of the crew of Purity. Shad has little to no experience with dealing with anyone other then the crew, so he stays aboard ship when they make port. Very rarely will he leave it. And though he has no real skill with talking up a woman, he has been known to sweet talk his explosives, even going as far as to say how sexy they are.

Sebastian Hart:
Suave. Graceful. Impeccably educated. Sebastian Hart is not lacking in any category, whether its art or philosophy or literature. Sebastian grew up on a core planet and flourished from the advantages that money gives. He had a natural gift when it came to understanding medicine, so from a very young age he wanted to become a doctor. His parents set him up for the proper coarse, hoping to see their son prosper in the world of medicine.

Only, a wild card got thrown into the mix when Sebastian learn also of the Companion Guild.

Sebastian became almost obsessed with the companion lifestyles. The parading around in luscious clothing, the charm one had to exude from every pore, the skill it took to please your clients. But he could not deny two parts of himself. One half of him was a medic. The other half, a sex machine. To do both would be crazy, right? Well, Sebastian was up to the challenge. He redoubled his efforts in the teachings of the Guild, learning to tame and hone his body with Tai Chi and martial arts, memorizing the perfect phrases and topics, becoming every thing out of a woman’s romance novel, and gaining the influence to maintain a regular clientele. And at the same time, he concentrated hard on how every muscle in the human body works, how to diagnose unusual and complex ailments, and to treat lethal emergencies. He managed to become a top student of his class and a highly respected Companion simultaneously.

He met Affinity and her crew in a very unfortunate happenstance. Sebastian had been unwittingly drawn into the middle of a lovers tiff: an angry wife had hired him for an evening of pleasure to get back at her husband. She’d filmed their session and left it on the desk of the nobleman. Enraged, the man had Sebastian marked by an assassin. He would have been killed in cold blood if it weren’t for Affinity saving him. She’d been after the same man for putting her and her crew in a tight spot, so it worked in her favor as well as Sebastian’s to see the man dealt with. Even though the crew of Purity had been after the assassin for their own reasons, Sebastian showed his gratitude by sailing with Affinity and helping them with his standing in the social circles, as well as treating any wounds they procured with their risky business.

Lidiya Motts:
On planet informant for Purity, and sister to Vanya. She grew up keeping mostly to herself, spending the majority of her time reading and writing. Whereas Vanya is overly adventurous, Lidiya is overly cautious. She has social issues much like Shad, only she hasn’t gotten the guts to fly on Chunjing. Not yet, anyhow.

What she does, she figures is dangerous enough. She has mastered the ways of hacking into high facility accounts, sending broadcasts to every receiver in the system, and tracking encrypted messages. The problem is she is paralyzed with fear over having her abilities, and it is incredibly difficult to get her to use them. If Affinity could ever convince her to, Lidiya could hack into an Alliance cruiser’s controls and control it from her keyboard. But the chances that the Captain could ever convince her to do this is a billion to one. Lidiya is terrified of the consequences of her actions, and does not do what she feels may be too high of a risk.

Lidiya still lives at home on Persephone, but her computer systems are the best that the core has to offer. She has the supplies she needs in order to listen to chatter, and that is usually what Affinity commissions her for. Even though she doesn’t fly with the crew, the Captain makes sure she gets paid for everything. Just to keep her services lively.

When extracting reavers, the crew is given a percentage from the tax payers of the nearest moon, payment for the removal of a possible threat. It is detailed in papers by the alliance. This is how they make the bulk of their money, but there are other missions to take as well.
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