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I already posted the profiles of the characters, but now I'm posting what they look like! I picked a cast, staying as true to the character and their live counterpart as I could. So read on and enjoy!

Affinity Washburne

(Not much to say here. She has the curly hair that I wrote for Fin, and she looks like she could pass as the mixed offspring of Zoe and Wash. Actress is Rochelle Aytes.)

Hale Tam

(The offspring of Kaylee and Simon. Actor is Brian Austin Green.)

Vanya Motts

(I love how tough she looks. The intensity in her eyes and the beauty of her just screams Vanya. She is a model, but I could not find her name again unfortunately.)

Lidiya Motts

(Not only does she look passably kin to the actress I picked for Vanya, but I love the sheer shyness of this picture. The only thing about it I would probably change is the clothing. Lidiya would be a little more covered up then that. But still it works. Actress is Jennifer Morrison.)

Katherine "Champ" Blacklott

(This is pretty much Champ, with the exception that Champ is slightly more heavy set than this. But the up do of her hair and the smirk on her face? That's her. Actress is Sara Rue.)

Sebastian Hart

(I picked this actor because of how clean cut and suave he looks. He can believably go from setting a femur to charming debutantes to his bed for a price. Model Leif Stacey.)

Shad Burton

(This is Shad. I couldn't have found a better play by. The eyes, the softness of his looks, its him. Actor is Sean Murray.)

Gordon Case

(I really liked the honesty in this actor's face. Even though I picture Gordon hiding a lot more of his sincerity with laughter in his eyes, this picture grasped me. Actor is James Murray.)
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