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I haven't written a fic in so long, this probably sucks.

Really sucks.

Its really fast paced, because I didn't want to spend two years writing it when I have a book I'm trying to finish. And its probably shit for plot. Being as I haven't finished the books at all, and I've only had a few spoilers due to the future of some of the characters.

But, it was fun to write! And I didn't edit it, because I didn't have the time!

...spelling errors and all...ick...

Like I said, I'm sure it sucks. But enjoy!

Sansa/Daenerys )
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So. I recall using this site tons for my fanfiction. Why did I stop using it? No idea. Possibly real life hitting me in the nards. Marriage, kids, dogs, work, and even getting some other writing published.

But this place hasn't changed, which is tempting in lieu of Facebook. I should hang out here more often.
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Episode 9. I don't know how well I edited it, because I've been busy. So forgive the typos, I'll go through and try to fix them later.

Also, it was almost 30 pages, so I think this is officially the longest fic I've ever done.

Please read and comment!

And remember, I'm not Joss Whedon. That would take an operation that, frankly, I don't have the money for.

Heartbreak )
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Episode eight has a new character! Jacy!

And now, on to the good stuff! Forgive the errors, I'm sure they're in there. I wanted to get this up ASAP, so I'll fix them as I go.

And remember, I'm not Joss Whedon. No, this is just a dream...

Friction )
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This is episode 7, I hope you all enjoy. As always, ignore typos and pretend that I am AMAZING.

I made and found some icons of all of the chars that I'll be using in my fics. I've also chosen pb's for the characters in past/future episodes. Some will appear again, but some might not.

Here's some more cast:

Romana Maria:

Maalai Tamasa:

Duchess Vontriece:

Adamaris Vusi:

Okay, so go on and enjoy the fic! And remember, I am not Joss Whedon. "It came from pain..."

Manner of Speak )
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A few more character playbys.

More Cast. )
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After all this time, the new episode is here! Sorry for the delay, I was preoccupied. Having a baby.

I know. Excuses, excuses.

I apologize for any typos or errors. If there are any major ones, I'll try to fix it. But otherwise, its just a dumb fic. One little mistake here or there won't make anyone go blind. Hopefully.

So read on and enjoy! And remember, I'm not Joss Whedon. I don't have the parts for it.
Missing. )
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Weeks and weeks and weeks episode! I'm not too worried about typos, I'm sure they are in there, but who cares? Its just a fic. Its not like I'm trying to get it published.

These are taking more time for me to write, as my ideas are taking me in directions that I did not anticipate. So, forgive me for the wait. But I'm trying to make it interesting. If I failed in that attempt, I apologize.

So get to reading, and let me know what you think! And if you see errors, pretend that I actually got it right because I'm a dynamite dictionary.

And remember: I'm not Joss Whedon. If I was, I would be a feminist.

Panic Attack. )
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I already posted the profiles of the characters, but now I'm posting what they look like! I picked a cast, staying as true to the character and their live counterpart as I could. So read on and enjoy!

The Cast. )
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So here is episode four of my firefly fanfic. This one is shorter than the others, and I made a few changes.

- I am thickening Vanya's accent. I hope it is not too hard to read. If it is, I will go back to having the accent be implied. But I'm experimenting here. Hopefully that leads to growing.

- I am doing my best to write from every character's point of view. This may take time, as I have to gradually get to the point where they all have more complex backgrounds. But as with other things, I am getting there.

- I did not edit this one too heavily, and no one had read it but me. I hope there are not too many errors, but I am trying to freshen my style. Something is taken away when I edit my stuff. That, and I was also a little overeager to post this one, since NaNoWriMo took up all of my November.

So let me know if you like it. Forgive any spelling errors, please, and enjoy!

And remember. Not Joss Whedon. Though, wouldn't that be sweet?

Cheap Shot. )
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At long last, my firefly fanfic is finally finished! Sorry for the delay, the muse was talking but the fingers refused to type.


This is episode 3 as you can see by the subject line, and I edited it alone this time (just like episode 2). Meaning if you find any typos, my bad. I hope it doesn't detract too much from what is going on. And I also hope you enjoy!

OH, and remember. I am not Joss Whedon. No, no. I am merely a fan on a mission.

Business. )
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Here we go! Episode two is finally here! Can you feel the awesome?

Well, tell me if you can after you read it. Tell me what you think!

And remember, I am not Joss Whedon. No, I am but a humble servant.

Ecstasy. )
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Okay. Here it is. My firefly fanfic in all of its glory. Read it, love it, tell me what you think of it.

Above all remember: I am not Joss Whedon. I am nothing more then a humble fan following in the universe he created.

Purity. )
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This is what I promised yesterday. The character profiles for my Firefly fanfic. The actual fanfic itself will be up soonish. But for now, read up on the crew of Chunjing: Purity.

The Crew. )
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Just so everyone who pays attention to my DW knows, I haven't stopped writing my fanfic. I just got distracted when the newest Stephanie Plum came out. See, I've been making the new ones last as long as I can because they only come out once a year, so I had to savor it.

My latest work in progress is a Firefly fanfic, if you couldn't tell from the icon. Or from me talking about it on Twitter. I'll be posting character profiles for the crew I have created soon, I'll set a deadline and say it'll be up by tomorrow AT THE LATEST. As for the fic itself, I'm editing and punching myself and remembering that I'm not the genius that Joss Whedon is, but it will be up soonish.

Looking forward to your thoughts!
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